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A key component to selling at a tradeshow is to distinguish your goals prior to your decision of what trade show to attend. To maintain your focus make sure you have set goals, and have the right CRM software. Figure out how many leads you are expecting to generate at the show 10 or 50? Will you be attending to create brand awareness or are you trying to sell your products on the spot? A new Computer software is a prime example of a tough sell for selling on the spot at a tradeshow. From what I noticed at tradeshows is that the products that are difficult to be sold on the spot involve educating the market, and therefore I think those vendors with those types of products should focus more on building an email list from the show. For these types of vendors it’s very important to notate what problems your prospects are having that your product can solve for them, and when you are sending these prospects your newsletters they are able to get further educated on how your product solves there dilemma.

A great way to attract people and to get there email information in your CRM software is to have a prize and in order for people to qualify to win that prize they must exchange their business card. When people start exchanging there business cards engage with them and try to figure out if there is a need there. Be friendly, and connect while you are engaging and try not to sound like a salesman.

If your product is relatively easy to be sold on the spot make sure that you have a lot of great samples of the product. Think of every value proposition that goes along with your product and make sure to make that visible in your samples and presentations.

It always feels great to generate repeat business from a an existing customer, and placing that order in your CRM software. It’s always awesome to close a sale and get a customer, but for some retaining and generating repeat business from that particular customer is a challenge. I think building a relationship with that customer is the next phase to customer retention and for positive word of mouth. Having CRM software in place can help track your communications with your customers, so you are able to deliver them a great customer experience. There is a lot of noise made by companies in the market today and you need to differentiate yourself and show existing customers that you care. Simple tasks like sending out a postcard saying that you hope they are satisfied with their purchase, holiday cards, and emails to keep in touch.

Another way to get people talking about you is to have a giveaway. If the product that you are giving away is awesome, then it will generate some buzz. It does not need to be the most expensive item, but if it is an item that is unique, everyone will be talking about it.

I think you should keep in contact with your existing customers at least once per month, because then they understand that your company will go to the greatest level of customer satisfaction, and when a customer is satisfied most will tell everyone they know about you. This is where monthly newsletters is also a great marketing tool to retain existing clients and make new ones. When existing clients are receiving your newsletters and it is filled with topics that educate the market that is when you will get your customers talking about your company and the plethora of information that you have to offer.


Are you tired of rummaging through your file folders to get information on a contact? Imagine being able to pull up an existing customer or contact account with the click of a mouse using computer software, and being able to see all of their pertinent information. The world is shifting towards Eco-friendly solutions and file folders are slowly becoming outdated. Technology has given business the opportunity of more convenience. You are now able to search and pull up specific people and businesses within the matter of seconds, you are also able to categorize a list of your contacts and you can use these lists to distinguish your clients and prospects, send email blasts to specific people or companies, and target marketing. Paperless contact management is not only good for the environment, but it’ search ability also makes it faster and results in less human error.

Are you having difficulties tracking your customer list? Have you spent hours looking for information on your existing clients?


Do you need to reach out to your existing customers regarding a price change in your product, a modification to your product, or why they have not purchased from your company lately? Are you wasting your time trying to figure out who these customers are? Categorizing your contact lists can help you pull up these lists on the fly when generating these targeted sales campaigns. Having a CRM in play makes campaign management easy and you can categorize these lists, and generate targeted sales campaigns. It can also track the feedback you are getting from your existing customers, so you understand what changes need to be made to your products, services and prices. Recording prior communications with your existing clients is also important in regards to campaign management because they can help you identify a need. After identifying these needs, you can then create targeted sales campaigns. Tracking what products your customers have bought and being able to search and pull up custom lists can help grow and manage your business, all this while you are keeping existing clients happy.

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