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The New version of BVEssentials Production Manager includes all the features of BVEssentials Limited Edition plus:

  • Commits raw materials while in production
  • Allows custom builds
  • Builds can be scheduled
  • Prints raw material re-order reports
  • Automatically requisitions material shortages and creates PO’s
  • Tracks work in progress (WIP)
  • Manages phase controls

The new version of BVEssentials Service Manager includes all the features of both Sales Manager and BVEssentials Limited edition, Plus:

  • See item service history onscreen
  • Set follow-up dates
  • Requisition special order parts
  • Look up parts by any word in the description
  • Print service history reports
  • Create parts/labour packages
  • Subtotal by job



Here are just a few great features that BVEssentials 5.2 will have to offer:

• User interface re-design
• Modernize the interface to take advantage of wide screen monitors, allow users to move icons.
• Creates production orders from sales orders
• Auto consume lot numbers in sales and production components
• Added reference number to sales order detail lines
• Add memo to purchase order detail lines
• Added production order security
• Multi screen capability
• Can print serial and lot numbers on labels

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April 2017
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