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Legrand CRM Software

Legrand CRM is a very practical CRM software that integrates with Sage BusinessVision, BVEssentials, Quickbooks, Microsoft Office and more, to deliver a full 360° view of all your relationships and activities. Because it is easy to learn your staff will love using it. Getting and keeping your customers is what Legrand CRM software does best.

A customer CRM empower companies to deliver a better, more convenient experience to existing and potential clients. With CRM software, businesses can significantly increase acquisition, satisfaction, and loyalty.

What is it that drives us and makes us different? We want growing & mid-sized organizations to have easy access to useful tools that help them manage their customer relationships and drive new growth.

In doing so, we are focused on developing a CRM software that is practical, simple and easy-to-use.

Legrand CRM does not only focus on your sales and marketing activities, but a complete 360 degree view of your operations. (IE. ability to track Customer Service, Repairs, Maintenance)

Legrand CRM & It’s integration with Sage BusinessVision, BVEssentials, & Quickbooks:

♦ Push in all of your contacts with one click of the mouse, no data entry
♦ Push in accounting information & accounts receivable aging
♦ Now your sales people are able to see a full sales history on all of your customers right within the CRM system.
♦ With the ability to view inventory, your sales people understand if they have the on hand quantities available when giving a quote.
♦ Quote integration, ability to send quotes to Sage BusinessVision & BVEssentials avoiding data duplication.

Legrand CRM enables you to:

♦ Manage contacts & key accounts
♦ Integrate with Accounts, Outlook
♦ Track & report team activities
♦ Manage campaigns & events
♦ Monitor sales activities & pipelines
♦ Track items purchased
♦ Manage customer service issues
♦ Capture web leads in your CRM
♦ Build custom reports, and more

Watch Free Legrand CRM Demo Videos

Watch Free Legrand CRM Demo Videos

Any company that is looking to streamline their sales and better their customer and vendor relationships should look at Legrand CRM. Because of the integration with Quickbooks, it was a very easy and straightforward implementation. (Jacob Shor, Owner @ D'style Hospitality Furnishings)
Firstly our business would be a totally shannables without Legrand CRM in place. Realistically I couldn't understand why every business hasn't clicked on to Legrand CRM!! We have tried a couple of different customer data bases, and by far Legrand has been the best. It is easy and user friendly. Especially with the new up grade that has the video clips to help you out. Guide you through step by step. The ability to customize each section to suit your businesses needs and wants. Email, Outlook Add-Ins, Work lists - So much to offer. (Philippa Neylan, JBA Finance Solutions)