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  • Commits raw materials before production begins

  • Link current production orders to sales orders

  • Customize production builds on the fly

  • Nest production builds inside of other builds

  • Schedule builds – optimize inventory and staffing

  • Print raw materials re-order reports

  • Automatically requisition material shortages and creates POs

  • Track work in progress (WIP)

  • Manage production phases with one click

  • Multi-warehouse capabilities

  • Production and sales order phasing capability

The Company

At BC & Associates Inc. we deliver a variety of business solutions. We offer manufacturing, distribution, & service companies business solutions that will help grow and manage their business. We understand that streamlining your business, increasing revenue, and boosting productivity is important & that is why we build a strategy with you. Through a variety of information technology solutions we will implement that strategy to maximize your return & simplify your business.