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The art of selling at a tradeshow

The art of selling at a tradeshow

A key component to selling at a tradeshow is to distinguish your goals prior to your decision of what trade show to attend. To maintain your focus make sure you have set goals, and have the right CRM software. Figure out how many leads you are expecting to generate at the show 10 or 50? Will you be attending to create brand awareness or are you trying to sell your products on the spot? A new Computer software is a prime example of a tough sell for selling on the spot at a tradeshow. From what I noticed at tradeshows is that the products that are difficult to be sold on the spot involve educating the market, and therefore I think those vendors with those types of products should focus more on building an email list from the show. For these types of vendors it’s very important to notate what problems your prospects are having that your product can solve for them, and when you are sending these prospects your newsletters they are able to get further educated on how your product solves there dilemma.

A great way to attract people and to get there email information in your CRM software is to have a prize and in order for people to qualify to win that prize they must exchange their business card. When people start exchanging there business cards engage with them and try to figure out if there is a need there. Be friendly, and connect while you are engaging and try not to sound like a salesman.

If your product is relatively easy to be sold on the spot make sure that you have a lot of great samples of the product. Think of every value proposition that goes along with your product and make sure to make that visible in your samples and presentations.

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