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Campaign management for existing clients

Do you need to reach out to your existing customers regarding a price change in your product, a modification to your product, or why they have not purchased from your company lately? Are you wasting your time trying to figure out who these customers are? Categorizing your contact lists can help you pull up these lists on the fly when generating these targeted sales campaigns. Having a CRM in play makes campaign management easy and you can categorize these lists, and generate targeted sales campaigns. It can also track the feedback you are getting from your existing customers, so you understand what changes need to be made to your products, services and prices. Recording prior communications with your existing clients is also important in regards to campaign management because they can help you identify a need. After identifying these needs, you can then create targeted sales campaigns. Tracking what products your customers have bought and being able to search and pull up custom lists can help grow and manage your business, all this while you are keeping existing clients happy.

Chris Creed
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